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  1. Have you seen our lovely range of coasters hand printed in Devon by Giddy Sprite? These are super cool, vibrant and all round amazing. They come in many different styles and colours to fit in any home. We're always updating our collection to bring you even moreloveliness, so be sure to keep checking our website.


     What's great about Giddy Sprite is if we want anything in particular, she will design it for us. We've had Dachshunds, puffins, unicorns and even fruit designed for us. All these great coasters are a huge hit and attract many people back time and time again to buy new designs for the home.


    Giddy Sprite doesn't just do coasters, we also stock her wonderful compact mirrors, fine bone china mugs, cards, and even clocks. So if you're looking for something that little bit different, then look no further.



  2. Well were already in July, where has the time gone?

    So what’s happened with us? The gogo hares are now around the city which has brought loads of people doing the trails. Our stunning hare related gifts have gone down a storm, with some items now sold out and other limited. It’s certainly helped being called White Rabbit! The summer holidays are fast approaching and we can’t wait to have an influx of even more tourists. It’s been great meets loads of people already visiting Norwich. 

    Hare window


    We’ve also had rabbits running round the shop, ha,ha Finally we have finished the pretty rabbit footprints were so glad people like it. 





    We’ve also been enjoying the hot weather too, was so lovely to head to the beach for a well deserved day off. Running a small business is extremely hard work, as you have to work such long hours and it can be hard to switch off. So heading to the beach with the pups was amazing.


    Winnie Beach

    So what’s coming up? Were working towards opening our basement level up with upcycled furniture. We have upcycled several pieces for the shop and got some great feedback on this, so this will be our next project for the coming month. 

    Thanks again,